I am buying a House

For most people buying a house is the biggest assets you will ever own so knowing what you are getting into is paramount. Dodd Bedford & Associates have been assisting Bundaberg Community to purchase their homes for over 30 years.


  • Is the house full of termites?
  • Is it in a flood zone?
  • Can counsel make me pull down the shed if it the building was not approved?
  • Can main roads take part of my front lawn?
  • Is the swimming pool legal?

These are a mere handful of things that could make your dream home into a nightmare. With our latest technology we can give you the big picture so you can work through the pros and cons of buying that house.

No house is perfect and it is completely up to you what searches we do. Some searches like a title search is necessary to transfer the property into your name others like flood searches are your choice and you may be able to obtain that information through local knowledge, saving search fees.

Unlike other firms our professional fees are fixed price and every step in the process is overseen by experienced lawyers rather than conveyancers. Whatever searches you do we only charge you what we get charged, we don’t believe it’s fair in profiting from your security.

It is commonly known that some out of town firms are charging considerably less than Bundaberg Law Firms. Like other local firms we refuse to participate in any price wars offering lower prices then adding other fees on later. In most cases you will know how much your legal fees will be from day one.

At Dodd Bedford & Associates we look forward to meeting the clients face to face and working with you, identifying your needs and staying within your budget.

If you are buying a house give Gail a call on 4153 58580 to see if we are what you are looking for in a law firm.

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